Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Show her you care

Ive gone through this more times then I actually would like to.But each time is diff then the other more effort needed to be placed in certain categories.Lots of us go through life thinking  when do I get to meet Mr or Mrs right for me forever not Mr or Mrs right for me right now .You get those fuzzy feelings those heart beat skips lots of butterflies and some may confuse this for more then it really could or should be.I could say that I knew you were the one I wanted when you walked through that door ,the day you smiled and said hi my name is with that cheeky look on your face.You showed great interest when my world seemed to be falling apart piece by piece.You wanted to talk and show me that I can laugh and be happy and not always feel sad.Spending more time with you listening to the way you talked and by the look in your eyes I started to slip and no longer could hold my ground.Days went by then a few weeks and I just couldn't take it if I couldn't be around you and make you mine and to show you I could be all that you need .I just had to be patient tho and wait for the moment you showed me I was what you wanted and that you were ready.

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